Relationship Coach

Do you want a stronger and more loving relationship without couples' therapy and long, dreaded arguments with your partner?

Do you feel like you've done everything you possibly could to make your relationship work, but he still seems to be missing the point?


Do you feel exhausted by the tension and the arguments that sucks the life out of you and prevents you from functioning because of the stress?​

What's in it for you?

We all want it and yet when we get it we sometimes ask ourselves; "Why did I want it that bad? Everything is so complicated!?!"


A relationship...that often comes with fights, heartaches - sometimes even heartbreaks - disagreements, compromises, hurt, hatred, and...good stuff of course, but definitely a lot of bad stuff!


The struggle is real!


There's a reason why so many people chose to live alone and/or jump from one relationship to another. Relationships are not easy! But only because no one has ever taught us how relationships are self development and self healing on speed!

How would you like to get back to the honeymoon phase on a regular basis?


How would you like to always feel like you're a part of a team? Even when you guys are fighting?


How would you like to feel completely safe at being yourself 100% of the time without being afraid of your partner's judgment?

Whether you're not (completely) happy in your relationship or considering leaving your relationship I am here for you.

I will help you find your way back to yourself while discovering new and powerful aspects within you - and the situation - that will reset you and get you back into joy, happiness and in love with your man and your relationship <3

"When he pushes you away - he is pushing you back into yourself"

- Kit