I find the romantic relationship extremely interesting and I have been trying to figure 'it' out for

as long as I can remember! 
Not because I was fighting off men trying to stay single; quite the opposite! I could not make it work like everybody around me clearly could.


After 14 years of being single in Copenhagen with very few male encounters I decided to do something big. Something that would mess with my foundation forcing me to get real with myself. Comfortable became boring and I needed uncertainty to see clear!

I moved to California to explore me and just be me as the whole relationship-thing obviously wasn't for me.

Now guess who I met only one week into my so-called new life? My now husband...

But our relationship did not work out as easy as I was convinced it would. It has not been an easy ride!

All the things including everyday problems that I had been dreaming about because I wanted a man more than anything put me and all my self awareness skills to the test. A test that tore all of my beliefs apart only to put them together in a different order and anchor them deep within myself.

Since my move almost three years ago my life has been more eventful than the previous ten but - because there is a but! Everything I have ever lived and experienced has prepared me for my next step. Not because my path is already determined but because I and only I can create and shape my life the way I want it to be. And I can only do that by determining what I want and what I don't want from my own experiences - amazing as well as traumatic. Everything begins and ends with you - in this case me :)