Ignore your problems and they will dissapear

My first blog post on my brand new site - so why not make it a provocative one!

To sweep something under the rug is an expression everyone knows right? And we do not think about it with much positivity, quite the opposite. So what if I told you that the key to a happy relationship lies in ignoring whatever your partner brings to the table that you don't want. How would that make you feel?

You would probably have a ton of questions to ask because we have been taught how to solve problems by looking at them. And when we disagree with someone we have been taught how to argue our case till we 'persuade' our partner to see it our way. Maybe our partner will end up caving in and that make us feel even better - like we won in some way.

Remember that each and everyone of us have lived and experienced situations and people that have shaped us into who we are today. Not two people on this planet will have the exact same set of values, priorities and opinions. We all look at the world through our own set of glasses which can be hindering when it comes to conflicts in relationships.

Whenever your partner does something that you don't agree with it is part your own fault. It takes two to tango as you know and no one can do anything to anyone without the emotion or thought already being active within the person feeling offended or hurt. Like attracts like so if you are feeling vulnerable, anxious or annoyed for too long, you will automatically find examples of your current mood or feeling to be true. Like when you want a relationship more than anything in the world, couples are kissing and making out everywhere you look. Or you want to get pregnant or you want a new job etc.

So when your partner does that annoying thing that you want to stop, make your mind go somewhere else than into and argument trying to correct your partners behavior. Nothing good will come out of you forcing your him or her into obedience.

It might require some kind of communication about why you all of a sudden is ignoring your partner, but it will be with a completely different energi - a much more gentle and loving one I can tell you. And by the way this also works with other problems that you want to get rid off...

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