Gratitude and change of vibration

On my journey to a better self and how to let go of insecurities I have many times stumbled across gratitude and how a strong gratitude muscle is the secret to a good life.

You might have heard about the write down 3 things that you are grateful for at the end of your day. This list, this little exercise, should supposedly give you a better life in the long run if you do it consistently. So I thought why not try it?

I have tried many things and followed many guidelines over the years but not everything have been effective. Like this little exercise! I couldn't see the purpose cause I didn't really feel a change so why keep on doing it?

I have many things to be grateful for in my life so the list was easy to do. But the earth shaking results failed to appear until I finally learned something that switched everything...

I became aware of how important our feelings are!!

You might think: "Duuuhhh, of course my feelings are important. What is she talking about?"

Let me clarify. Your feelings are your inner guide system all day every day. If you are feeling good, you are on the right track. If you don't feel good, you are not on the right track!

When I did my little list of 3 things every night, I missed the feeling part. That I had to FEEL the gratitude and not just think it.

All of a sudden the list became so much more fun to do cause first of all it was fun to do now. Feeling good is never boring. And second I could see the purpose. I could now see how me feeling good every time I did this could take my average vibration (basically my mood) up a notch which would improve my quality of life - and attract more amazing things in to my life :)

I will add that it took me a little longer to make the list now that my feelings had to be activated. I have always been a thinker and very mind controlled. As many other people I was taught to adjust myself to the people I was surrounded by and situations I was in while forgetting or set aside my own emotions. Basically a lot of us were taught how to ignore our own feelings. So for me it takes some time to find and feel them again.

If you are in touch with your 'gratitude' feelings and they immediately gives you butterflies or a warm buzzy feeling when you think about them - good for you. But if not, please take the time to close your eyes and reconnect with yourself and let those feeling of gratefulness take over your body and feel how powerful it is to be able to create such good feelings within yourself by yourself.

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