Appreciate him

So what if you guys are not fighting all the time but you are just frustrated and annoyed with him? Or you might just be a bit ‘blah’ about him and this whole situation. Just because people in a relationship don’t fight doesn’t mean everything is good right?!

One place to start could be with you reminding yourself of why you fell in love with him in the first place. If some of the things that make you insane now are something that you swooned over in the very beginning you could do some soul searching about why. Obviously he is not doing anything wrong. He hasn’t changed, you have!

If you don’t feel like doing homework right now you could just focus on something else.

(Or you could book a session with me so we together can figure out how to take you to a new place where you once again swoon over this).

Maybe he did something in the beginning that was weird or annoying to you and now it makes him who he is.

My point is, focus on the good and remind yourself on how that made you feel. The mind doesn’t know whether you’re living it ‘in reality’ or if it’s just a memory. It’s all about the feeling that is the vibration, remember? If you think about an amazing and wonderful memory you will feel it in your body, you will smile and everything will be good in that moment. It’s when you take your focus away from the memory/experience that the going gets tough again.

Again, I will 100% agree with you that this is not the easiest task but nonetheless it’s a great exercise in appreciation and gratitude that will lift your spirit and serve you well. And when it serves you well it will serve your relationship well.

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