Distance is just a concept

Distance sucks when you don’t want distance.

So today I just want to remind you that distance is really just a concept!

Wait what??! “I know when I’m not physically or mentally with that person I want to be with” you might think.

What I mean is that all of us and everything is made up of energy and vibration. And because everything is energy we are connected on an energetic level even though we can’t connect in the so-called physical world.

You know how you can think of a person that lives far away or hasn't spoken to in a long time and all of a sudden you receive a text or a phone call? That’s what I mean about the physical distance; how you can connect even if you can’t touch each other.

We’re all part of a higher consciousness why it’s possible to energetically communicate without being connected physical.

Just like you can’t ‘see’ the frequency that transmit the phone call or the text between you. It still exists even though you can’t see it or touch it!

Now the emotional disconnection is challenging to handle. Don’t think I don’t know - I’ve been there! And I will continue to go through phases for the rest of my life when that happens, because that's just part of life.

But when it happens I remind myself that I can still talk to that other person’s higher self. When we don’t see eye to eye or he is withdrawn. Or may I am confused about what to do next and need time to figure that out for myself or he is figuring that out for himself, I know that both of us are still part of that same higher consciousness.

With a little extra strong bond as we have chosen each other on this physical level too. We have not just chosen each other spiritually but also in our human experience.

So while he is doing his thing and you feel left out and maybe have a lot to say to him or run by him or need his take on, send him some love on that higher level.

But only send him love! Don’t try to send him thoughts where you communicate how you need him to come back or indirectly try to manipulate him into doing what you want. That will not work because your intention is not pure.

It’s a good exercise to connect to that unconditional love that we all have but are so far removed from because of how we are conditioned and how we live; how the human experience works!

Send him love and know that he’ll return to you whenever he’s ready. And spend this time by checking in with yourself also. How are you doing right now? Do you need to do more or less of something to make your life more fun and enjoyable? Use this experience for you instead of feeling that the situation is working against you. The more love and patience you give out the more you’ll receive <3

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