Do you trust?

Do you trust people? Do you trust your partner? Do you trust life?

I’ve talked to way too many women who don't really trust. Who experience uncertainty and worry on a daily basis.

While I know that for some, worry feels like a default, especially if you have kids, I’m well aware. Especially during quarantine where we can all agree that no one knows how everything is going to look like on the other side of corona.

I just want to mention this; worrying is like praying for everything you DON’T want!

Our thoughts and emotions are vibrations and we can not worry ourselves out of worrying! You can not worry and think catastrophe thoughts and then expect to feel safe and secure.

Some people might accuse you of not taking this seriously enough. Have you come across someone like that? Or maybe you are a person who thinks that with all the terrible things going on, no one is ‘allowed’ to look away and not think about corona?

Again, worrying will not make it better!

Where attention goes, energy flows! Good as well as bad…

And the same goes for a relationship. You need to be able to trust that everything will work out for you, even if you can’t see how or want something to work out in a very specific way.

Trust makes you let go faster and when you trust, your life will feel so much lighter and easier to live.

Even if you’ve experienced something very traumatic you can not let the trauma define your future. You can’t let your worrying about them predict (by law of attraction) how your next relationship is going to be.

You might end up getting hurt, or let me rephrase, you will end up getting hurt in some shape or form. That’s life!

You can not live the rest of your life avoiding getting hurt, feeling sad, mad, angry, frustrated etc.

But by your attention to the good and positive; by your trust in yourself and that you’re capable of making good choices even if they seem illogical and unreasonable, life will treat you good. Your relationship will treat you well.

Have you ever felt that going through tough times with your partner made you stronger? I know I have. And I know a lot of other women who have!

The good comes with the bad and so does trust with letting go.

The more you trust, the easier it is to let go, and the more you let go, the more you trust. So which route do you choose; letting go first or trust first?? Which one seems easier for you?

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