How do I stop texting my ex during quarantine?

Do you have fingers with a life of their own? Sometimes they find their way to your phone and send text messages that you don’t mean to send?

And on top of that quarantine feels like a whole new level of forbidden text messages just waiting for you to push send!

I’ve been there. For years I would justify those texts with all kinds of reasoning. But the one thing I discovered was that these text messages were really a part of my ‘scheme’ to get something in return.

And I know, whenever you send a text to anyone it’s usually to communicate with someone and you expect a reply.

But I had convinced myself that I just wanted to let him know something, that I didn’t want anything in return. Just to find myself disappointed over and over again because it never turned out the way that I wanted. I found out that I did have some expectations and they were rarely met when I texted with that agenda.

So my question is; do you give to get? You need to text to give and only to give, especially if it’s your ex and you're trying to NOT text. An ex you’re trying to let go of.

So many women that I’ve talked to send these texts and somehow hope to manipulate the situation. Manipulate someone into feeling something that the energy of this text will never spark in them.

And while we’re here I want to ask you a second question; why do you want to text him? Do you want him back? Are you angry with him? Are you bored?

A lot of people see this as a matter of willpower. It is not about willpower! Whatever the reason for your text, be honest with yourself and maybe even with him.

Both you and I know that when you let go of him your fingers will no longer itch to text him; to reach out to him; you don’t need him to ‘do something’ or ‘be someone’ for you anymore. But you can't use your willpower to let him go by beating yourself up for wanting to text him.

Be honest with yourself about why you want to text him and ask yourself if this is how you think love should feel like? Not really right?

Take a breather and know that you can’t manipulate anyone into feeling anything! I know that you know that but sometimes we forget.

Send him love and light when thinking about him - without the text - and the energy of that will be so much more powerful than anything you could ever do to stay in contact with him.

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