How to let go of my ex?

Letting go of an ex can be hard! Especially in quarantine because you can’t distract yourself like you usually would. You know with work, girl’s night out and retail therapy.

It might hurt a bit more now but the process is potentially shorter as you’ll have to face the letting go part head on.

I could write a book about letting go and all the ways to go about it, but in this post I will give you two angles that will serve you well.

Not only when letting go of an ex but also in life generally speaking.

Number one is that you have to make a decision!

You have to decide that you want to let go.

Not give up ever seeing him again.

Not letting go of the possibility of ever speaking to him again.

Not even the possibility of maybe getting back together with him!

You just have to decide that you want to let go of what was as it is no more. The reality is, your relationship is no more. Not how it used to be before anyway.

You have to let go to be able to welcome in new...

And who knows how new looks? No one right? It could be a new job, a new man, even a new relationship with your old boyfriend. You don’t know! But you have to let go to make room for the new.

Second is you have to focus on what you want and NOT and what is missing!

Whenever we’re going through a phase of letting go the tendency is to look at what was and realize over and over again that it is no more.

This lowers your vibration and kills your mood right? Even if reality sucks right now it will not suck forever. We know that this will pass and it will pass faster if you focus on what you want!

I’m sure he sometimes acted a way that you didn't appreciate. Now is the time for you to dream about a man who is not doing that annoying thing anymore. And before you shoot me down and say: “Yes but I can’t get perfect, because this new person will probably have other annoying characteristics” I know how it goes.

You will never find the so-called perfect person who will never piss you off. Cause guess what; you would be bored out of your mind if that happened!

He is supposed to push your buttons for you to reconnect to love everytime life doesn’t go your way.

Everytime you feel good about a fantasy or a dream of yours your vibration goes up and this is your new point of attraction.

This phase will pass faster when you feel good most of the time, and one way to do this is to dream about what you want and not observe what you don't have.

Super simple and yet so hard to do in reality I know. But it’s worth it once you get it down. I promise you...

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