I'm a projector!

I recently found out that I’m a projector. Do you know anything about human design? If not go to www.mybodygraph.com and do your free chart and get ready to be excited!

That is if you are as excited about spirituality, self awareness, self help and how you can be better at life as me.

This really spoke to me because it was so accurate.

I’m a scorpio. But reading my zodiac sign description has never really resonated with me. A scorpio can apparently hold a grudge forever and ever - and that is not me!

A scorpio is also very vengeful, again - not me!

I’ve also done Enneagram; I’m a 9 - the mediator/the peacemaker, pretty accurate too. Did you know that Jesus is said to have been a 9 - huge smiley face - at least according to Google! I think it’s pretty cool to be the same Enneagram type as Jesus right??!

I’ve also been doing some researching, digging and doing quizzes on Myer-Briggs. It didn’t really resonate with me so I can’t even tell you what I am! Maybe an ‘I’ but also maybe an ‘E’, probably an ‘N’ and most likely an ‘S’ but I don’t want to be an ‘S’ if that makes sense. So as you can see, it doesn't resonate.

But being typed at a projector with splenic authority made so much sense. Especially in me building my business. I love working one on one with people and that’s also how I work best in my personal life. I’m not good at small talking and plenty of people have told me that I’m intense...probably because I can see right through them muahahahaha! Not exactly but I do know people; and I would never use anything against anyone. My undefined centers makes me capable of seeing things from many different angles which also makes me incapable of judging people, cause everybody is right in their own mind.

I just want to know all about the person that stands in front of me and that might feel like a lot for some but it’s perfect when I meet people that are open.

I had this interesting experience once where a person was very intimidated and intrigued at the same time.

I was out with a girlfriend and we went to a bar.

This guy that was a bartender at our favorite club at the time was there too, not working, so we could sit down and chat because he wasn’t at work. My girlfriend went to the bathroom and I don’t exaggerate when I say that him and I talked for 10 minutes while she was gone and that was our interaction for the night!

We talked about his relationship that had just ended. He had been with his girlfriend for 9 years.

It was recent and that was why we talked about it I think - that’s usually what I end up talking to random people about anyways, so I wasn’t surprised and I obviously found the topic interesting.

I asked questions and listened. For 10 minutes, maybe 15 tops!

My girlfriend came back and after our conversations he seemed very dismissive and almost ignored us. When my girlfriend and I a couple of hours later left we wanted to be nice and say goodbye to him - and some other people we knew. He barely looked at us! So strange and we had no clue why!

So, the next day I received a Facebook message from him. We had never chatted mind you because we had only ordered drinks from him when we were out.

In his message he explained how he had never opened up to a stranger like that before so his openness had kind of scared him and made him ‘push me away’ for the rest of the night.

That was such an interesting experience to me as I really didn’t think that he told me anything that was vulnerable. He talked about how hard it was considered that he had been with her since he was 15 or 16 and I agreed a lot and had empathy. That was all I did!!

This was a long winded way to say that many of my personality aspects that I might have thought of as too much or too little or too awkward or different or you name it...I’m exactly how I’m supposed to be (of course I already knew that)!!

Now I have a system that explains how all my traits and characteristics can work together in harmony and flow, instead of how I have been conditioned to do things, think about things and feel about things.

Right now I’m looking into my parents’ and my sister’s body graphs to see what kind of conditioning I’ve been exposed to.

How amazing do you think human design is? Or not at all?

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