Letting go is key

One of the things we struggle with in relationships (and a lot of other aspects of our lives) is letting go!

Letting go of the past, letting go of what could be, letting go of what's been said, letting go of emotions, patterns and habits that no longer serve us.

Letting go of control…

But we were never really in control.

Everything goes according to plan when we are in alignment. Because when we are in alignment we feel happy and attract things we really want.

Then life happens and we create and attract situations that are less like we want them. And instead of looking inward to make sure that we get back to that good feeling place we try to control our circumstances, our surroundings and the people around us - in particular our partner. If he could just say or do this and that, everything would be fine!!

Now he is no longer seeing the loving and happy woman that he loves. You’re no longer grounded in yourself because you try to control external things so you can get back to happiness - back into alignment - by observing them.

(This is by the way how most people reach alignment on a daily basis. By looking towards things and people; observe them as they’re behaving how we want them to, and feel happy.)

When you look outside yourself, your way back to alignment will be long and challenging!

These waves of ups and downs come and go in any relationship. That’s part of our human experience. (Remember the negative emotions are here for you and not to punish you or hold you down, on the contrary. Read more in my previous post HERE.)

The waves can be bigger or smaller depending on how long you can hold on and for; how long you will continue to do things that are not working for you again and again and...

The sooner you can let go, the sooner both you and your partner can pop back into alignment and continue to enjoy your life and being together.

Finding that balance might not be easy to begin with. But the better you are at staying in your own lane, leaning back and trusting life - and yourself and your partner - the easier it will be for you to let go.

Think back on previous situations, feelings or relationships where you had finally ‘given up’ on trying so hard - on working so hard. Didn’t everything end up working out?

Question; did it work out because you stopped caring so much or did it work out because you let go of controlling the outcome?

The answer is a mix. Your shift in vibration helped you raise your frequency and you automatically returned to your ‘why’ and let ‘the how’ unfold.

The more experiences like these you have under your belt the more you can relax into the fact that life got you!

The universe has your back!

You deserve the best!

Your relationship and your partner is here for you!

No matter how we look at it, letting go is key to a happy life and a good relationship.

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