Misunderstood love

The concept of misunderstood love is when someone gives you their advice and you don't really feel aligned with it. You might be able to see the logic and maybe even know or think that this should be the way to go about it.

But something in you prevents you from doing it. What it is that prevents you is not important right here. But what is important is that whatever you feel like doing is OK! And whatever you feel like doing is what you need to do!

When someone gives you their advice it is always given from their own perspective, from their own emotional state of mind and based on their own experiences.

The reason why this topic is so important to me is because I've lived plenty of life to see people argue, get angry and friendships being put on hold if that advice was not followed or not 'approved'.

When you're in a relationship and you have some disagreements and arguments with your partner we girls have tendencies to vent to our girlfriends to get second opinions - or maybe just to have someone to agree with us.

This can be a dangerous route to take. On top of the struggle you are experiencing in your relationship, you have to deal with people who think they know what's best for you.

Other people never knows what's best for you! No matter how good they know you, your path and your journey with all the decisions that comes with it is always yours to define.

Don't be scared to tell your girlfriends, family or partner that you don't need their advice when you vent or tell them about a dilemma of yours.

I personally need to say stuff out loud to have the solution come to me. It doesn't work if I write it down or just think about it. There is something about the spoken word...

And if you are a person that are in the habit of giving other people advice and maybe get a little annoyed when they don't follow it. Take a breather next time someone vents and see if they even ask your opinion and your advice. Most often people don't! And if they do, don't get offended if they don't follow it or take it to heart or even consider it. Don't take it personal; it's not about you...

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