My boyfriend doesn't post me on social media

If your boyfriend/husband doesn’t post you or your relationship on social media and you’re bothered by it, I want you to stop!

There are so many reasons for him to not want to or being able to flaunt the two of you on social media and none of them should be bothering you.

I’m thinking that you question his feelings for you since you’re reading this. You’re thinking that his behaviour has something to do with his emotions for you right? Or should I say lack of…

Just because he doesn’t behave like you expect him to or want him to does NOT mean that your logic about how he feels is correct.

It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to be with you!

It doesn’t mean that you’re not pretty enough!

It doesn’t mean that he is not proud to be with you!

He might see social media postings about relationships like superficial and tacky so for him to flash it to the world would be like saying that you are in this relationship for all the wrong reasons.

We are different people with different backgrounds and this is the fun and the tricky part about relationships. Everything is relative and nothing is normal if we don’t compare.

But we always do that right? We always compare and that’s often the problem.

We have an idea in our mind about how a relationship; our relationship, is supposed to look. And if it differs we can end up being so obsessed so the focus on this relatively speaking abnormal behavior causes conflicts and gaps between you and your man.

He might not see it as important to post pictures of the two of you. Plain and simple.

He might not be creative about it and find it hard to come up with something so it's easier just not to do it. He might not value social media anymore. He might have been really active in the past (I know I was) and then he grew and evolved and now it's not that important.

If this behaviour started after he met you, obviously it's a good conversation to have because it does carry some symbolic value.

Maybe you didn’t even realize that he never really posted that much so why start now?

With everything said I want to remind you that no matter what he does or how he behaves it says everything about him and nothing about you. It represents him and will never be defining you...unless you let it!

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