My husband doesn't take initiative!

Do you want your partner to be more driven and take more initiative?

No matter what stage you’re in in your relationship there are always ways to move forward. Meeting family and friends, kid(s), marriage, investing money together etc. And if your man is hesitant, too passive or not driven enough how do you get him to move forward or just take some kind of initiative?

I like to call relationships self help and self development on speed. Your partner is perfect for you and what you need to be able to move towards the best version of yourself. Oftentimes this feels like the opposite. It could look like he’s holding you back or not supporting you in your endeavors in this particular case of being too passive or not action oriented ‘enough’.

The reason I put quotation marks around enough is because what is enough? Everything is relative right?

One way to go about it could be for you to show up for yourself. Don’t wait for him to approve, to read your mind and do it for you. Be confident in what you want for yourself and trust your own choices.

Another way could be to look at how you approach things. To keep a balance you might have attracted a man into your life that represents the opposite of what you are; passive, receiving, present in the moment. You need this to balance yourself out - why you fell in love with him in the first place.

A third way is to look at him for everything he is and not what he is not! None of us are put here on the planet to change other people into what or who we think they should be. You need to accept him for who he is; the man your heart chose.

Just know that everything you do will have an impact and an effect on your partner. So if you will consider changing up some things to serve yourself AND your relationship better, who knows what he will feel inspired to do. I promise you it’ll be good...

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