Negative emotions

They’re a part of life but uugghhh...wouldn’t it be nice if we could have less or maybe none at all?! No negative emotions?!

We can all agree that it sucks to feel sad, hurt, mad, jealous, fearful, depressed, frustrated and so on. And none of us really like it when we’re experiencing them.

But, as time goes by we can see the upside to a lot of our struggles. How we grew, how we learned valuable things about ourselves, other people or life in general.

It’s impossible to imagine how life would have been without that particular struggle and whether or not we would have been the person we are today without that heartbreak or that loss.

No matter how we choose to see it, it happened; it is what it is and we can’t go back and change it! So we might as well conclude that we are who we are because of what happened. Everything that happened made us capable of taking our next step.

So here you are, perhaps not that excited about your life right now. Not feeling you have very good circumstances to work with.

The easiest way to turn that around is to spend time thinking about the exact opposite of whatever situation you’re finding yourself in. Because that is what negative emotions help you with. Figuring out what you don’t want so you can figure out what you do want!!

Hot could not exist without cold and you feeling ecstatic couldn’t be perceived if you hadn’t felt the opposite. And don’t forget the fact that our emotions also guide us toward what we want and away from what we don’t want.

If you feel unhappy at work you might need to look for a new job no matter how good that job looks on paper. And if your heart sings every night because you paint or bake cakes to post on Instagram on the weekends you really want to continue to do that because it makes you happy!! Even if it doesn’t serve any other purpose than making you happy!

Because when you’re happy you’re high vibing and who doesn’t want to be on a high frequency each and every single day and attract from that high vibe right?

So every time you experience something you categorize as negative know that even though it sucks in the moment this will serve you later on. And why not do an experiment and think about the feeling opposite to the one you have and know that you just clarified that that emotion is what you want in your life and not the...sucky feeling.

We can’t avoid the bad so why not make the best of it right?

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