Quarantine series about a better relationship

How are you holding up in these corona-times? How is your relationship holding up? Are you lovey-dovey all the time or fight like cat and dog?

Over the next couple of weeks (or however long this quarantine will last for) I will do my best to provide you with some material to make your relationship stronger and you wiser.

You’ve probably heard the term; like attracts like. That means that whatever you put out there is what you’ll receive back.

This can be very misunderstood, is very misunderstood.

I’ve heard many women - including myself back in the day - complain about her partner not giving her the attention or the love or the respect that she deserves and wants. She is showering him with love, appreciation and attention so why isn’t he reciprocating? Like attracts like right?

The thing is, the place where her love and appreciation is coming from is not a place of pure love and appreciation for him and of him. It’s a place of “If I give this to you, you will do the same for me”. Like all of us are taught is the way relationships work.

We do things for each other right? Because we have to put the other person’s needs before our own. It’s so romantic, so altruistic and so wrong!

You could consider start giving yourself a lot of love and attention cause he will follow. And let me just be clear that it does not mean ignoring him or punishing him for not being able to read your mind!

I was in a place once where I felt the world was so unfair and against me because I gave and gave and gave and very rarely did I get back what I felt I needed.

I didn’t give love or appreciation or my time from a pure place of love and appreciation. I gave it because I thought that at one point I would get it back.

Like I could put love in a bank account for the person to give it back to me like a beautiful gift. Wouldn’t that be nice?! But guess what, I never received back what I deposited with the people I wanted it from the most.

You need to show the world how you want to be treated and the world will give it back to you. Even your partne!. And here is the trick; it’s never about the behavior!

It's always about the intention and the emotion behind!

You can’t fake emotion and that will always be your point of attraction, always!

So if the going gets tough in these quarantine times look at your intentions in your interactions with your partner. You might find that you're

not honest with him or yourself about how you truly feel about your daily routine, how you communicate with each other or something else.

I believe that people show their true colors in times like these so now is definitely the time to be open and honest which in the end will bring you guys closer. Both of you will learn more about each other and about yourselves.

No matter the outcome both of you will grow; it’s a win-win.

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