Time apart is necessary in a relationship

Two lost and broken individuals do not make a great couple!

You need to feel good to bring the best to the table in your relationship. And so does your partner.

In these quarantine times it can be hard to demand the space for yourself. Or maybe your partner is having a hard time doing it because you won't let him.

You are physically closer than ever with no expiration date so you might feel trapped or you might feel blessed knowing that you will be in each other's space for a very long time.

If you feel particularly excited and blessed that you now get him all to yourself make sure that he feels the same. If he feels the same, good for you (I would still recommend time alone to make sure you don’t get too dependent on each other to provide you your own alignment).

If he doesn’t feel the same and you might feel let down on a daily basis because you feel like he is avoiding you, it could be that he needs some more space.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I believe that people will show their true colors during these times so if your partner needs more space now I’m sure it’s a theme in your relationship.

When your partner pushes you away he pushes you back into yourself.

You want to be with him because he makes you feel good (of course). He makes you feel good because you love him (he reflects your own light back onto yourself) so you want more of that (you are now relying on him for your alignment instead of yourself).

This happened to me - so I’m speaking from experience!

It was a theme in my life until I met my now husband. He broke up with me partially because of this dynamic. So I had to get to work!

Throughout our childhood we are so conditioned to please other people and meet other people’s needs (parents, teachers, friends) so we often forget how to meet our own needs. So we rely on other people to do it for us!

This will never work out and if your tendencies are like mine I’m sure you have a partner that needs his own space. Maybe a lot, to reflect back to you what you need to work on. What your soul basically needs to become more whole. For you to become more happy!

And if you are the one feeling trapped I can guarantee you that your partner wants more intimacy because he looks toward you for his alignment instead of doing it himself.

No matter what ‘camp’ you’re in you can do something to become more happy; to better the situation; to better your relationship.

Just one hour a day where you are not in the same room, not interrupted by each other, can be the start of a new chapter in your relationship. A much more balanced and healthy chapter where you manage to bring a happier version of yourself forward because you’re realizing that time apart is time well spent.

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