Walk the talk...

Implementing knowledge is key to anything in life. So I’m a big believer in walking the talk. If you’re not able to turn your knowledge into action you haven’t really gotten it right?

I knew that I wanted to work with people, help them help themselves, help them solve their problems, raise their average vibration, empower them and help them get a more positive outlook on life.

And how could I do that as fast as possible while enjoying that journey of mine at the same time?

A year before I took the leap of faith and went to California I got my life coach certificate. It taught me even more about myself and fueled my fire.

I was starting a new chapter in a new country, so I thought: why not start a new career too? Practically what I’ve been doing for a very long time already, just making a living out of it.

But as per usual life threw me major curveballs and nothing really went according to plan.

I met my now husband, fell in love and love conquers all etc. It was a bumpy road like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! All the clever things I’ve ever said to anyone before I all of a sudden had to put to good use. I had to practice what I’d preached for so many years...and that was hard!

I tried and failed and tried and failed….we broke up and I worked even harder! And at the end I surrendered and let go…

It’s usually when you let go that everything works out but you have to reach a point where you are capable of letting go and trust; let go and have faith that everything works out for you.

And it wasn't smooth sailing just because we got back together.

Everything I’d learned during the tough times now came in handy and to me that’s the circle of life.

The hard times prepare you for the good times. We can’t experience happiness without sadness or light without the dark.

I’ve turned all my failures and downfalls into positives to make sure that when I look back I don't have regrets while being aware that I did the best I could; cause otherwise I would have done different. I don’t know what I don’t know!

My inner dialogue is gentle and compassionate to solidify that I am the change I want to see in the world.

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