We will always have something in common!

Disagreeing is part of human nature. It’s part of being in a relationship with anyone on this planet; romantic relationships, work relationships, family relationships, friendships etc.

Disagreeing is helpful in the sense that we define ourselves and our boundaries by being different from the person standing next to us. Not different to the extent that we can’t find common ground but different enough to define us as individuals.

But like everything else the disagreeing has an opposite that is just as important as the definition of people as unique, special and separate.

Our commonalities!

We wouldn’t be ‘people’ if we didn’t have anything in common!

We wouldn’t love to be in relationships if these relationships didn't contribute to our lives!

Society wouldn’t even be a thing!

Taking everything that goes on in the world right now into consideration; the corona virus that in broad strokes brought people all over the world together against the virus to the death of George Floyd as the straw that broke the camel’s back causing people to get really clear on what they don’t want to see in this world.

My contribution to all of this will always be light, positivity and love. As an individual with no influence on other people except for the light I can shine and inspire with I will always look for and find things that people have in common.

That ranges from you and your partner to the authorities and civilians.

I will never ever condone anyone being forced into anything, especially not by using physical force. So when I see what’s happening in the streets right now, my heart hurts and words cannot describe the multitude of emotions I’m experiencing.

Like the majority of all people, I believe that we want someone to hear us out and accept our truth. Back to when you disagree with someone. You don’t necessarily want them to understand but they need to accept and see you as an equal. Because that’s what we are; equals!

We’re all people who made it into this life; all of us have a purpose and a reason for existing.

So just like I encourage every client I talk to to look for the good in their partner, I encourage myself and everybody else to look for what we have in common.

I don’t believe in ‘fighting against’ because like attracts like. So fighting against will always lead to more fighting, more division. So to the - luckily!!! - many of us who don't experience being physically forced into completely misunderstood ‘respect of...’ and ‘obedience to...’ stand proud in who you are and what you believe in! Stand up for yourself and those who are less confident in speaking their own truth.

Know that with your own belief in yourself you’re an inspiration to those who are not!

Help raise the vibration of the planet by being the change you want to see in the world!

Shine your light and treat others like you want them to treat you!

Never lower your standards no matter how tempted you feel!

And on that very first and obvious level is the people closest to us. In particular your partner!

Appreciate what you have in common and respect him for his different opinions and different ways of viewing life.

Convincing him about your truth with disregard of him and forceful behaviour will never work, just like it doesn’t work in the streets!

The Martin Luther King, Jr. quote says it all:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

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