Who am I?

Not an easy question to answer short and quick, but I’ll do my best.

I feel it would be appropriate to introduce myself now that you’re somewhat familiar with my passion: dynamics between people; their relationships.

I’ve always been more introvert than outrovert, always looking to find my place in the world and desperate to fit in when I was younger. So I’ve always been very observant you could say.

Very early on I found myself mediating between people without really knowing what I did. I think I did it because I don’t like conflicts. Who likes conflicts you might ask? Well I know some people both in person but also from reality tv that does not shy away from standing their ground, yelling and screaming at other people because they feel they have the right to; because they’re hurt and angry.

In my case I freeze. Or I froze - I’m much better with conflicts now - but back then I couldn’t fight as my first reaction would always be; how could I have avoided this? How could I have done better? So I would avoid being in conflicts as much as possible because I could not make myself put blame on other people

Me mediating helped me realize that there’s always two sides to a story. It also made me somewhat confused about where I stood myself. Because I was always able to see both sides, where were my own boundaries in all of this? If there are always two sides to a story that means that there is no right and no wrong!

I call myself a late bloomer; not really interested in boys until my late teens and it was slow. My crushes would last for months - sometimes years - and no real boyfriends ever came out of it.

All my girlfriends would still come to me for advice in their relationship and I don’t know if any of us know why. I didn’t have experience in that field but because I’ve heard so much through my group of girlfriends that at one point in my 20’s counted more than 24 girls (!!) I knew what worked and what did not work.

Fast forward to me feeling more restless than ever, still with no boyfriend, all my girlfriends having a partner, building lives together and me...not so much.

I decided that I needed to do something wild and crazy to create some kind of turmoil in my own life to get out of that numbing hamster wheel that I had come to hate so much.

I quit my new and fancy job with great co-workers, rented out my apartment and went to California for 3 months. Six weeks in I decided that I wanted to do it full time, like for real for real.

I went back to Copenhagen, Denmark, sold my apartment, sold my car and began an exciting new chapter of my life in the states in May 2016.

Just one week into my new life here I met my now husband, but little did I know that we had a long and bumpy road ahead of us...

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