Why I talk about you you you

Be kind to yourself-week

I keep on circling back to this over and over again; and I will continue to circle back to this again and again.

When you struggle in your relationship it is very easy to point a finger at your partner. Why is he acting like this? Why is he talking to me like that?

I know I did in mine when everything went downhill and we ended up breaking up because we couldn't make it work.

I felt like I did everything I could to make us work. I was patient, loving, compassionate, understanding, letting him be him etc.

I couldn’t see how else I was supposed to be to make this work!

It was all on him!

He needed to be more respectful of me. He needed to be more patient with me. He needed to work on his demons as I had worked on mine for years and years before I even met him.

And then we broke up!

All of a sudden I couldn’t expect him to change because he was no longer a part of the equation.

I began to focus on me. I figured that now that he was out of the picture the only thing I could work on was...me. And guess what, there was more! So much more work to be done within myself that I had completely overlooked because I was so focused on what he could do better.

We got back together because I worked hard on myself. Because I reconnected with myself; the person that he initially fell in love with before I lost myself in our relationship and how he was supposed to fix himself.

I took my power back and set myself free.

But...just because we go back together doesn't mean that I’ve stopped working on myself, and focusing on being me and staying aligned with myself.

It is crucial to have a sense of self in a relationship and so hard to maintain in the beginning when you’re caught up in each other and it becomes a habit.

So that's why I’m all about you you you and more you.

You can not bring your best to a relationship if you’re all consumed with the relationship and/or your partner. Treat yourself like you want other people to treat you; with kindness, compassion and love.

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