You will want to know about vibration

Do you know about vibration? Cause if you don't you need to!

Everything around us vibrates including people and their emotions and intentions. I like to describe vibration as energy or emotions when it comes to relationships. It makes it a little bit more tangible.

A high vibration describes you being in a good mood, feeling happy, joyful and excited. Which means that when you feel sad, depressed and angry your vibration is low.

Yesterday I talked about 'like attracts like' and the reason it attracts in the first place is because of vibration. Things vibrate in harmony with each other which means that positive and good-feeling things come together and negative and not-feeling-good things find each other.

So when you're in love, feeling on top of the world, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your new man! He can do nothing wrong and even your annoying co-workers can't ruin your high on life feeling because they're all of sudden not in your space or they might even seem to behave differently all of a sudden.

All of this is because your vibration prevents you from vibing with low vibration-stuff.

First time I became aware of this I was a teenager; or maybe I had just turned 20 I don't remember. I was working part time in an H&M while I was a student.

Sometimes on the busy days the cash wrap I was working behind had three registers and all of them were open. I was often working shifts with a girl named Camilla. She was feisty! I am not...

For some reason she would often get into arguments with customers. Usually about the return policy that were often taken advantage of. And probably also other things, who knows.

I never got into a single argument with any customer in all my time working there and she would end up in a conflict every other week or so. That's when it dawned on me. I had gone over a lot of options in my head as to why she would have the drama-causing people in her line; why would these people never chose my line?!

She was the common denominator!

Some of the combative customers might have been in my line also but because I'm never ever looking for conflicts or drama their problem with the return policy (or whatever) would always go completely over my head and I would never take the 'bait'. So arguments never happened.

I wish I could say that arguments never happens in my relationship because I've never fought with anyone else but my parents, but that's not the case. I see that as a very good thing because how weird is it to never get angry (that can't be healthy right!?!!) I will save that topic for another day though cause it has some important points to it too.

Most of us go about our day very much on auto pilot. How often do you set an intention for your day? Or for your next interaction with someone? Even if you do; how often do you consider if your thoughts (always followed by emotions) happened because it's a habit and not because you put your best foot forward and followed through on your intention?

Your only job is to raise your vibration as high as possible because that will make you happier and make the people around you happier and make your point of attraction high - and like attracts like right?!

So go out there - or for now just stay home - and figure out how to be happy with yourself and for yourself no matter the conditions and circumstances a.k.a your partner's mood and behavior. You can't control neither anyway.

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