Your thoughts create your life

How disciplined are you with your thoughts? Are you aware of how impactful your thoughts are?

A belief is a thought you have thought many times. So you can see how beliefs can sneak up on you without you even noticing it.

Like listening to your mom, dad, teachers and other authority figures in your life preaching their truth while you’re casually listening in on it while growing up, not knowing that this will become a part of your truth too.

That’s also why you’ve probably heard or maybe even tried the exercise about looking yourself in the mirror while repeating “You are beautiful” or “I love you” to heighten your feeling of self worth and confidence.

In the beginning it feels weird and awkward but eventually the thought will become a part of your truth simply because you’ve now thought it many times.

That kind of thinking is part of what I call disciplined thinking.

You direct your thoughts in a certain direction to override some old beliefs that are no longer serving you. They might never have served you in the first place!

I don’t know if you’re working with intentions on a daily basis.

To me directing my thoughts is easier because I have a tendency to forget my intention during the day. Maybe I’ll get there, but for now I manage my thoughts to make sure that I’m thinking good and positive thoughts throughout the day.

When I catch myself being hard on myself I change my thoughts.

When I realize that my thoughts are small are keeping me small and not dreaming big I change them.

When my thoughts are negative I pause and look for positivity.

You might feel it extremely hard to stop a so-called bad or negative thought once it’s there but it is possible!

You have to want it of course! And you need to know what difference it makes when you do it!

When you fully comprehend how your thoughts can literally change your life it is easier to look at the emotions that follow for what they are; feelings that were triggered by your thought.

And here is where distraction is really serving us.

You are definitely allowed to distract yourself if that means you can take your mind off the depressing and sadening thought for a second.

That second can mean a rise in your vibration and a possible solution or relief can find its way to you because you changed your frequency.

You don’t want to go overboard and be reckless either so it’s a fineline; a paradox.

In some situations fear forces focus and you will get through whatever you’re going through fueled by focus that was instigated by a certain thought. That’s why people are able to turn their lives around when they’ve faced some sort of trauma, and the degree of what is trauma varies from person to person.

But in most cases, e.g. When you’re arguing with your partner for the 7th time about the same thing, taking your eyes away for a moment will definitely do you good.

You don’t want that argument about whatever thing you're arguing about becoming part of your narrative as a thing you can never agree on. Always strive to agree to disagree.

So how mindful are you about your thoughts and feelings that follow?

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